In Vanderburgh County there is a place for everyone!

Membership in the Indiana Extension Homemakers is open to anyone, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or socio-economic circumstances. Anyone old enough to write their name or legal mark is able to join.

Local Clubs

Creative Critters

The Creative Critters meet on the last Sunday of the month. They love to try new things and share what they know. Lessons vary from sewing to cooking. They especially enjoy combining their love of crafts and their desire to improve their community.                                 

Forever Gingham

Forever Gingham meets the second Tuesday of the month. Their club has a long history of support of their membership, support of their community, and both county and state leadership.


Highland club meets the second Wednesday of the month. Their club is built on a foundation of service to their community. They have a long history of supporting youth.


The Hilltoppers meet on the third Wednesday of the month. They strive to uphold the standards of community service that was represented by their charter members. They continue to support a variety of community service projects each year.


Home.T.T.E.  meets the second Tuesday of the month. Their club was founded in 1954 and have been an active club throughout the years, serving in county leadership roles, and sponsoring fun events such as the ‘Make It or Bake It’ and white elephant sales.

Hornville...Another Generation Strong

Hornville…AGS meet on varied Sundays and enjoy working together on their annual Spring Tea, yard sale fundraiser, decorating their Winter Carnival tree, baking cookies for Supper with Santa, and participating in the Battle of the Cupcakes.

Honey Bees

The Honey Bees  meet on the third Monday on the month. They were organized in 1974. They enjoy teaching lessons at their meetings, being social, and working together to improve their community.                                       


Inglefield club meets on the fourth Monday of the month. Their club was founded to serve as a bridge between 4-H and traditional Extension Homemaker clubs. They have been a strong proponents of 4-H youth and the Vanderburgh County Fair.

Kitchen Gadgets

The Kitchen Gadgets meet on varied Mondays and are a special interest club focused on food and cooking. They attend and teach lessons on various food and cooking techniques and skills. They contribute their skills to local food banks.

Noon Neighbors

The Noon Neighbors meet on the third Monday of the month. They take pride in their participation in the county Fashion Show and the Fair Club Displays. They enjoy teaching lessons and sharing their knowledge.

Perry Heights

Perry Heights meets the second Thursday of the month. They are one of the oldest clubs in Vanderburgh County. They enjoy nature based activities and attending Home & Family Conference in the summer.

Pinterest Interest

Pinterest Interest is a BRAND NEW club that focuses on trying new recipes and crafts together. 

Willing Western Workers

The Willing Western Workers  meet on the third Tuesday of the month. They love fulfilling the Homemaker mission by supporting local organizations, learning new crafts and recipes, and sharing their friendship with each other.


The Ya-Yas meet monthly on varied Fridays and Sundays and are flexible to work around members’ work schedules. They love to be together and to express their personalities. Their motto is ‘Because Nice Matters.’


The Mailbox ‘Club’ exists for individuals who wish to participate in county and state events and activities but who are unable to join a local club for whatever reason.

To learn more or to pursue membership, use the Contact Us option on the homepage or email us at to get in contact with Alohana Jackson, our Director of Membership.